30 Success Stories That Will Teach You
How Social Media Can Empower Your Life

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Outstanding stories that:

  • Support women entrepreneurs to transform their businesses
  • Motivate you to break through your own limits to fulfill your goals and dreams
  • Reveal the wonder of connecting and using social communities to create change

About Empowered Women of Social Media:
Finding Global Unity in Social Communities

In honour of International Women’s Day, a day where women all over the world are celebrated, the book Empowered Women of Social Media: Finding Global Unity in Social Communities was launched. This book is a tribute to global empowerment and each chapter is written by a different author, with a story of global connections and how social community made them possible. Each story will uplift you as you read about struggles and survival. Some of these authors built million dollar businesses using just social media while others used social networking to find love.

In this book, you will read about women who have stories of challenges and struggles and triumphs of overcoming and standing tall. This book was created in the true spirit of a social community with 30 women collaborating from various geographical locations. A social community is organized around sharing culture, values, aspirations, goals, interests, etc. This provides an opportunity to inspire, to shine with authenticity.

Women writers coming forth to tell their story via social communities provides a portal for unique conversations. International Women’s Day celebrates women who have created change, experienced shifts and made a difference in their world. Social communities bridge these worlds connecting our hearts and minds.

Empowered Women of Social Media: Finding Global Unity in Social Communities paperback book cover

Reader reviews

When life gets tough, each and every one of these tales has the power to uplift us

It amazes me how many women share the same stories of resilience, compassion and determination! This book is an inspiration to us all: to continue to plow through, to grow, to connect and to love each other without boundaries and/or limitations. When life gets tough, each and every one of these tales has the power to uplift us, just by virtue of being about strength, faith and creativity at its best. Thank you all for the incredible achievements contained in this precious publication.

Lauretta R. Zucchetti

The book that opens men’s eyes to the strength women possess

As a man, Empowered Women of Social Media: Finding Global Unity in Social Communities to support the love of my life in her endeavors to create a more empowered life for herself. This book really did touch me, as I was able to relate my life to so many of the women’s stories in the book. I recommend this book to anyone, no matter of race, gender, financial situation, or where you are in life now. Thank you, ladies, for this book of empowerment that stretches beyond gender boundaries, and opens men’s eyes to the strength women possess.

Timothy James

Amazing stories of amazing women!

I loved this book, because all of these stories are honest testimonies about real lives. When a woman shares from the depths of her heart and soul, then I can find a place where her story reaches into my heart and enriches it. I can truly say that I found each and every one of these stories to be empowering.

Mary Nixon

Empower your life!
only $15.00

Laurie K Grant is a Writer, a Catalyst, an Analyst, a Dreamer, an Activist, a Creative Winner who believes in Be Here Now, that Life is an Adventure, and to Enjoy the Journey, you must Follow Your Heart.

She is a Contributor to "50 Seeds of Greatness" by Germaine Moody. Laurie K’s newest writing collaboration is “Empowered Women of Social Media - Finding Global Unity in Social Communities”. She was recently a featured guest speaker with Kellie Fitzgerald on The Road to Enlightenment promoting the book and speaking on the importance of making connections and inclusion.

One of Laurie K.’s passions is being the catalyst to connect people to their true authentic selves and with others in the spirit of openness.

She believes strongly in giving back to the community. She is an advocate for human rights and recently been an active voice as a Volunteer Coordinator Team Lead for IBM Teaching Respect in Schools, an Editor-in-Chief for the Special Education Newsletter, at Northern Secondary School and provided Web Content Management for the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace.

Laurie K. currently resides in Toronto, Canada with her son. In her spare time, Laurie enjoys gardening, spending time with family, traveling, and attending seminars/workshops.

What great authors are saying

Carla Wynn Hall

Best-selling author, author The Paradigm: In The Catacombs of The Subconscious Mind, Empowered Women of Social Media TM: Over 100 Women found their "Voices" in Social Communities and Empowered Women of Social Media: Finding Global Unity in Social Communities

Empowered Women of Social Media taught me how to work with women in a sisterhood of support. Laurie and I became great friends in the process. Working with so many amazing women and their energy expanded my life more than words can say. I have had the pleasure of working with her on a book compilation featuring 32 authors. Laurie has a keen since of direction and professionalism in business. Her ability to create solutions is amazing.

Erica Antonetti testimonial

Erica Antonetti

Best-selling Author, Founder of Intuitive Connections Center for Holistic Wisdom and Wellness, Ordained Minister and Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Practitioner of Akashic Records, Angel Tarot, and Quantum Soul-Healing Hypnosis

This book has inspired me to know that while we all may feel like we are alone in the challenges of life, the exact opposite is true. These ladies let their courage shine to the world by sharing their story and has helped me to feel more empowered over my own experiences.

Kellie Fitzgerald testimonial

Kellie Fitzgerald

Best-selling Author, Life Coatch, Inspirational/Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur, Author of When on the Road to Enlightement

In my previous experiences in life it seems like many times women look at other women as competition and for whatever reason feel like they really can't be trusted. So, I found this book, and the experience of being a part of it, refreshing. These stories are inspiring and the courage it took to tell many of them is something to truly be celebrated. This is a group of women who truly love and support each other completely, without reservation or judgement at all. I've met amazing women through this project and made what I know will become life-long friends.

Belle Kohen testimonial

Belle Kohen

Best-selling author, www.coachbelle.com Speaker, Publisher of UNLEASHED Magazine, Co-Host of Outrageous Success Women's TV and Radio Show Host-Midlife Makeover Radio with Belle

After reading Empowered Women of Social Media it occurred to me how many women have AMAZING stories to tell. What I love most about anthologies is the ability to capture so many stories in such a concise way. It also gives a way in which to reach out to the writers when they resonate with you. BRAVO to this wonderful collection.

Empower your life!
only $15.00