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A Timeless Treasure to Soothe Your Soul
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Release 13.09.2015
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Powerful, Uplifiting, Inspiring


You're sitting on a park bench. A woman beside you furtively wipes away her tears. What will you say to encourage her? The Chocolate and Diamonds Anthology answers this question over one hundred times with powerful, engaging stories of lives changed by courage and determination. Women around the globe have built a sisterhood by writing about their deepest secrets, and sharing their journeys from turmoil and loss to victory and hope. Chocolate and Diamonds will warm the heart, bring a tear or a smile, and make an unforgettable impact in every reader's soul.


Chocolate and Diamonds for the Woman's Soul

Chocolate and Diamonds for the Woman's Soul brings together many voices into a masterpiece for the ages. Each “Timeless Treasure” represents a diamond which has endured the test of time, the heat of transformation and the release of inner beauty to the world. Every woman in the world is a diamond. She may not see her brilliance until she has gone through the fire of adversity and the heat of pain. She may not feel her brilliance until she has let go of the old and embraced the new. Diamonds are all around us if we only open our eyes. Inside this book, you will meet over 100 diamonds who release their legacy through an Anthology Series for women.

Chocolate is a universal elixir for women who want to relax and allow the smooth flavour to transcend anything not-so-good in their life at any particular moment. Imagine coming in from a snowy hike and sitting down in front of a roaring fire with a nice cup of hot cocoa. The soothing richness penetrates your soul with warmth and comfort. There are many documented health benefits of chocolate, in addition, to the emotional retreat enjoyed when consumed. When you read each story, allow yourself to be transported as you walk a mile with women who said YES to releasing their untold story.

Chocolate and Diamonds for the Woman's Soul is a transcendent treasure for the ages. Each woman who wrote in this book, let go of an inner story. Some are sharing for the first time of rape, tragedy and loss, while others are simply allowing us to walk a mile in their shoes. Imagine being blind at the age of 19 because of diabetic complications, or being born with Spina Bifida. Put yourself in the shoes of someone who is currently going through the flames of cancer. Allow yourself to find comfort and gratitude in your life, by reading the stories of these women.

As women, we feel tremendous pressure in our society to keep up appearances; our looks, our figures, our homes, our relationships. Yet, everyday there are millions of women who are suffering through abuse, strained family relationships, divorce, job loss, loss of a child, depression, financial woes; many, many life challenges. If you've ever felt like you’re all alone while you struggle with your challenges, you'll take comfort in the stories of Chocolate and Diamonds. These are stories of real women, just like you, who have struggled and overcome. This book will offer you a place to connect and be inspired.

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Release 13.09.2015
On Kindle .99 cents


Author Experiences


Supported and Encouraged!

I have enjoyed my experience as an author because I have felt supported and encouraged as I take my first tentative steps in writing my story. Writing a story that is hard to tell may never happen for many people, because they have not been blessed with the loving and caring support, that I have experienced in writing my chapter for Chocolate and Diamonds for the Woman's Soul. For me it is like water, that has broken through a dam, allowing the flow of words, to heal, to transform; not only my life, but hopefully to touch many lives or even just one. If you have a story to tell, find the way to tell it and if you're looking for support in any facet of writing, editing or publishing, I give my heartfelt recommendation to the team at Hot Pink Publishing.

Katherine Amber Murray

Beautiful and Uplifiting!

I feel like my experience as an author has helped me turn my story into a beautiful experience. Nothing compares to being able to put into words how I feel and what I've gone through accurately, and feeling proud about all of it no matter how good or bad it was. If you want the chance to have the best be brought out of you, and the opportunity to share that with the world, I recommend this program. It has lifted me up, even when I thought I couldn't get any higher.

Brooke Ochoa

Family Closeness!

I have enjoyed my experience as an author because it has brought my daughter and I closer together as we tell our respective stories, and hone our writing skills.

Haley Lynn Gray

Encouraged to Write a Book!

I have truly enjoyed my experience as an author because it has allowed me to start the process of starting a book I needed to get out. Like many I have stated I am going to write my book, but because of this opportunity, that is now a check mark on my list of things to do.

Shequita Lee

Life Changing!

My experience as an author has been life changing for me, as it drew out my hidden writing ability and built my self-esteem. I am no longer afraid to take on new and unknown challenges. I recommend this to anyone looking for themselves or for their unique voice.

Diana Schreiber Murdoch

Believe in Myself!

I have truly enjoyed my experience as an author. It has helped me to believe in myself as I meet other ladies along the way who have a story, but who were unsure of how to share their deepest heart and soul experiences. It is my hope that every reader will enjoy it as much as we have in being a part of it.

Rosie Preston

Release 13.09.2015
On Kindle .99 cents